C3 Intelligence is committed to your total client satisfaction.

As proof of that commitment to you we offer you this pledge.

Our Focus
Our primary focus is to provide fast and accurate pre/post employment background screening services. We focus on empowering HR Professional with the right tools to make the perfect hiring decision. Our online system allows you to request and view your results 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You have the luxury of viewing your reports from the comfort of your home or office

Our Expertise
We have over 30 years of experience in the pre/post employment background screening industry. Our founder and CEO, Donald D. Stephenson, worked for the United States Secret Service for 13 years. Prior to his government service, Mr. Stephenson established himself in the law enforcement and business environment, bridging both worlds.

Our Approach to the The Background Screening Industry
As a former Special Agent with the Department of Homeland Security, Secret Service, Our C.E.O conducted many background checks which were used to issue Top Secret Clearances to applicants, Special Agent 5 year updates, and political appointees. These background checks were very tenuous and required that every fact about an individual be examined. These investigations required that the investigating agent personally follow up on each aspect and lead. All verifications were done in person, all references were interviewed in person, and all documents were retrieved in person... no emails, faxes, or telephone calls. These reports were then organized into a profile and if the individual met the criteria the appropriate clearance was issued.

There are many companies who sell instant background searches, beware of this type of service.

These are databases compiled by companies who do not verify or guarantee the accuracy of any of the information they provide. There is a great chance that any information you receive instantly through a database search is inaccurate and incorrect. This puts the requesting company in a bad position to make hiring decisions. What company wants inaccurate and unverified information to make critical decisions? When you consider the danger of negligent hiring lawsuits as well as the potential loss through employee theft and poor retention, it makes no sense to take the risk. When you submit a background check through C3 it will be completed and reviewed by my personally trained staff. The information is obtained first hand and placed in a readable format for our clients. We only report what we find, there is no guess work involved, it's either there or it isn't. Our clients don't have to guess or take any risk with their new hires. We take all of the guess work out of the background screening process.

Our customer service level exceeds that of our competition. Whether our client does 1 background or 100 they receive the same excellent service. Our customer service representatives and case reviewers have received the best training available and have extensive experience in the background screening industry. At C3 Intelligence we stand behind the services offered to our clients. We set the bar for customer service in the industry. If you are not receiving the level of service that your company deserves then perhaps you should experience the C3 Difference.

The C3 Difference

Superior Technology:
Web-based interface for clients; online ordering and real-time status check on pending or completed orders.

Fast Turnaround Time:
The industry standard averages 4 to 6 business days. At C3, we average 24 to 72 hours. Better than the industry average.

FCRA Compliant:
Unlike many of the database driven background check companies that offer quick turnaround times. We do not compromise speed for compliance. We are compliant and up-to-date on laws and legislation regarding the background screening industry.

Personal Relationship:
Our one-on-one customer service adds our human aspect with detailed follow-up which gives you the advantage of personalized help.

Knowledge and Experience:
Our staff has a wealth of investigative background experience and employees are put through extensive training in consumer reporting compliancy.

No Contracts:
At C3 Intelligence, Inc. we don't ask our clients to sign multi-year contracts like some background screening firms. Our reasoning is simple, if we don't do the job we promised or give your company the level of service you deserve; we don't deserve your business. We believe in delivering the service and information you deserve. We stand behind our company, no excuses, no exaggerations and no contracts.

No Nonsense Fees:
Other companies will charge you irrelevant fees to setup your account and add features such as MVR and Workers Compensation searches. If applicable, the only legitimate fee charged by reputable background screening firms is the site visit fee. All other set-up fees are simply administrative fees charged by the company to generate additional profit.

System Security
- 24 by 7 on-site security personnel
- Biometric scanner and card key access
- High definition security cameras
- Centralized security monitoring station
- Multi-level firewall protection
- Full data grade HVAC system with N+1 redundancy
- On-site generator back-up and power conditioning
- Centralized monitoring of HVAC, UPS, temperature, humidity security and fire prevention systems

Our background checks interface system runs on a high-availability servers running a secure operating system. Full backups are performed nightly and incremental backups are performed on a continuous basis throughout the day. Encrypted system backups are moved off site daily.

All data transmission done within our background checks interface system are encrypted using SSL Certificates issued and manage by Thawte. (Including all XML traffic)
Servers are protected by multi-level firewall technology and intrusion detection software. Third party PCI Approved Scanning Vendors (PCI-ASV)

About our C.E.O
Prior to establishing C3 Intelligence, Inc. Don Stephenson served as a Special Agent for the Department of Homeland Security, United States Secret Service.

During his time as a Special Agent he investigated numerous high profile investigations to include the bombing of the Oklahoma City Federal Building and the attacks on The World Trade Center.

He has extensive knowledge in all aspects of intelligence and investigations. He established and supervised some of the most sophisticated protective operations in the world to include security for Presidents George H. Bush, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Gerald Ford, Vice Presidents Al Gore and Dick Cheney and their families, Pope John Paul, Senator & Mrs. Bob Dole, King Hussein and Queen Noor of Jordan, Presidents of such foreign powers as Australia, China, Russia, Canada, France, Japan, Germany and many others.

He traveled extensively protecting our country's leaders to almost every continent. During his tenure he received numerous awards and commendation for excellence in the performance of his duties. Prior to this time as a Special Agent, he established himself as sworn law enforcement officer and a corporate executive. He received an AA in Criminal Justice from the Rose State College, a BA in Criminal Justice from the University of Oklahoma, a MBA from Oklahoma City University, and his Juris Doctor (J.D.) from Concord School of Law.

His vision is to bring a new standard to the background screening industry. To establish and maintain a customer service level second to none. He understands the necessity of the industry and has dedicated his company to providing his clients with the most accurate and up-to-date information.

C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks C3 Intelligence Inc., performs the best backgroundchecks